Phil-Aus Assessment Form

To begin the process of application, we require that all applicants be assessed by the team to give a comprehensive recommendation and full disclosure of fees to proceed in the application process.

Depending on your situation and your goals, this form will help assess your options for:

- Studying in Australia
- Working in Australia
- Transitioning to permanent resident status
- Bringing your family to Australia

Download a sample of our comprehensive resume template here: Comprehensive Resume Template

Steps After Assessment For Australian Student Visa

  1. Your Assessment form submission will be forwarded to our assessment team.
  2. Within 2 business days, you will receive an email from our assessment team to discuss the result of your assessment with a list of recommended courses and schools that we can help you apply to.
  3. If assessment is positive and school recommendation is approved by you, you will then be asked to review and sign the contract with Phil-Aus Adventure.
  4. Signing requires a 35,000 pesos signing fee.
  5. Once contract is signed and fee is paid, your account will be forwarded to the Processing Department
  6. A team member from the processing team will orient you on the required documents you need to provide for school application.
  7. Once all requirements have been collected by the processing team, the compiled requirements will be forwarded to the school for another assessment.
  8. It will take 2-3 weeks for the school to finish their assessment. After the school’s assessment procedure, they will contact the Phil-Aus processing team and sennd a “Letter of Offer”
  9. Once the Letter of Offer is already available, you will be contacted by the Phil-Aus Office in Cagayan de Oro to discuss and settle the remaining balance of your enrollment.
  10. Upon full settlement, the Certificate of Enrollment will be processed. This will take 2-3 weeks.
  11. While waiting for the Certificate of Enrollment, all documents will be reviewed for the lodging of your VISA
  12. Once Visa application is approved, Purchase Ticket to Australia – Done!
  13. If VISA application is refused, we offer refund or re-lodge/re-apply.

Have any questions? Contact us here: | 09338109817 Sun | 09177074421 Globe